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    You will work through how to practice occupational therapy with people in our communities who are displaced by conflict, war, and natural causes.

    To succeed you will learn to:

    • use a new paradigm incorporating human rights;
    • realign your professional and personal practices to work in these complex, nuanced environments; and
    • pivot through crisis in an ever-changing, unchartered world.

    You gain new skills and understandings through the eyes of displaced persons and occupational therapists who work with them world-wide.

    • Join them living and working in transition, from disaster to resettlement.
    • Learn international policy, national policy, and local circumstances which all impact on displaced person.
    • Reflect on innovative professional approaches based in openness, agency, responsiveness, and resourcefulness.

    Discover this exciting new area of practice and how you can apply it in your work.

    n this award-winning program you have an opportunity to learn from 'walking in their shoes' through documentary case studies, problem-solving and design, and an immersive VR experience.

    Duration: 10 hours

    Prerequisites: None

    This is different to other e-Learning you may have experienced. Acting as a 'volunteer", your skills & knowledge are enhanced in tackling complex issues such as: disaster response, resilience, disaster risk reduction. Concepts are operationalised.

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    Who is this for?

    Designed for occupational therapists, assistants and students, the program may also benefit climate change adaptation professionals, development planners, project implementers and policy makers.

    Time limited but want to know more about the topic? This program is designed to ensure learning is personally meaningful and professionally relevant. We will lead you through the information which is easy to engage in. This is anytime, anywhere learning to suit your work and life. You can access by desktop/ laptop, mobile and IPad devices.

    What will I learn?

    After completion students will be able to:

    • Demonstrate understanding of the disaster management cycle and the equitable and sustainable patterns of human activity that can potentially reduce disaster risk and vulnerability.
    • Recognize the role of the occupational therapist in the emergency response and long-term recovery of individuals, communities and populations post-disaster.
    • Identify the strategic planning and coordinated efforts of one's local community, state, and country for development of risk-reduction strategies and emergency planning.
    • Acquire knowledge about how to facilitate resilience, and restore health and well-being thorough occupation.
    • Become aware of the available tools that exist to help people prepare for and respond to disasters.
    • Apply the principles for provision of culturally-sensitive, immediate and long-term support for people with pre-existing and/or new disabilities, in consideration of the experiences of vulnerable and socially-marginalized groups

    You will be led through post disaster activities:

    • Day 1 – 5 : Competencies for working in disaster situations
    • Day 5 – 7:  Community-preparedness for disaster
    • Day 10 – 12: The immediate post-disaster role of occupational therapists and other responders
    • Day 21- 28: Recovery & rehabilitation strategies - the role of occupational therapists in rebuilding communities in temporary housing & permanent structures
    • Day 53+: Looking forward

    How long is the course?

    Activities may require the equivalent of 25 hours course time and reading. You can complete this program in your own time.

    What do I need to know?

    There are no course prerequisites other than your willingness to learn about this topic.

    Do I receive a certificate at the end?

    On completion of all requirements including final exam, a certificate of completion stating the normal number of contact hours will be issued from the World Federation of Occupational Therapists.

    How much does the course cost?

    The enrolment fee is $99 USD.

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    This online course provides an understanding of the concepts and terminology used by the Quality Evaluation Strategy Tool (QUEST). By completing the course, learners will develop practical knowledge to use QUEST to define SMART indicators for an occupational therapy service or practice.

    Who is this for? 

    The QUEST online course is designed for occupational therapists and occupational therapy students. The course also may be of interest to researchers, educators, administrators, funders and policy-makers. The online course uses video presentations, reading and practical exercises to guide participants to use QUEST to evaluate the services they provide. QUEST can be used in all occupational therapy settings, including clinical practice, research and education. 

    What will I learn?

    By participating in the course, it is expected that learners will gain:

    • Understanding of how indicators are used to review and continuously improve occupational therapy services.
    • Knowledge of how occupational therapy services can be evaluated across common elements of quality performance.
    • Ability to demonstrate accountability regarding quality performance in occupational therapy.

    How long is the course?

    The course is presented in five learning units. The time required for each unit varies but the overall course is expected to require approximately two to three hours to complete. 

    What do I need to know to take the course?

    There are no course prerequisites other than your willingness to learn about this topic.

    Do I receive a certificate at the end?

    On completion of all requirements, a certificate of completion stating the normal number of contact hours will be issued by WFOT. 

    How much does the course cost?

    There is no cost to enrol in the course.

    How do I register?

    Login into WFOT learning to begin the course. If you do not already have login information, create a new account

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